Asyncio Python API for KEF speakers

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Supported: KEF LS50 Wireless (tested with latest firmware of 19-11-2019: p6.3001902221.105039422 and older firmware: p6.2101809171.105039422) Untested: KEF LSX

Supported features

  • Get and set volume

  • Mute and unmute

  • Get and set source input

  • Turn speaker on and off

  • Invert L/R to R/L

  • Play and pause (only works with Wifi and Bluetooth)

  • Previous and next track (only works with Wifi and Bluetooth)

  • Set the standby time to infinite, 20 minutes, or 60 minutes

  • Automatically connects and disconnects when speakers goes online/offline

  • Control all DSP settings!

Use in Home Assistant

See basnijholt/media_player.kef.


pip install aiokef


See this Home Assistant discussion thread where the creation of the KEF speakers is discussed.


MIT License